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Characters you have in the game: None, New

Character Name: The Kid. (Canon Name and used as Supername) Goes by Sebastian as his alter ego.

Character Canon: Bastion

Canon Background: Bastion Wiki:
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The Kid Link:

Omegafriends Background: You see, the kid's idea to make the bastion's escape function to go off was a lot more powerful than expected. I guess I should have seen it, seeing the alternative was traveling through time. Still, The Kid was never one to wander. After a year of adventures with us, he made we made our way to Venture City and said our goodbyes. We'd promised to drop by now and then to see how he was doing. He still had his oldest friend though, we knew he'd be okay.

The Kid's personality is not well defined within Bastion other than his unstoppable determination, but I am playing him as someone who chose Escape and Rescuing Zulf. As such he has a great deal of compassion and forgiveness for those who have wronged him, He will not let poor communication taint his opinion of others. He exercises restraint and non-violence where it is possible, but will show anyone who mistakes mercy for weakness how wrong they are. As a hero, he will try to always exercise the right amount of force to accomplish what is required to save the day without going overboard or becoming blind to vengeance.

The Kid will be considerably more open to making friends than he was before the calamity. A year with the other three and the pets has given him a new verve for life compared to what was before, where having nothing left had sent him to the walls again. He has chosen now to seek companions and friends, and in fact intends to use what he does as a method of meeting new people. He wants to bring joy and happiness as much as he wants to protect life now. He has no intention of letting any villain bring about anything close to the Calamity but he doesn't intend to let that eat all the joy out of life either.

The Kid retains the determination that was so prevalent in the game. He will be learning how to be a super hero rather than a regular hero. Coping with trying to retain a secret idenity, making friends with and without the 'mask' and the other aspects. He's a hero now and definitely qualifies as a superhero but he's never practiced the whole aspect. He'll appreciate anyone who would like to educate a rookie in the aspect. He's also taken to doing crafts to expend his time, travel time on the bastion with its escape system having him turn to doing hobbies to pass the time. He'll seek new crafts to master since coming to Venture city and discovering new arts that come with new technologies.

Powers: The Kid's power mostly lie in Drink based buffs and mastery of a large arsenal of weapons. Otherwise he's a regular human. Skills, tools, and drinks make the kid into what he is. He's also quite strong and capable of brewing his own drinks.

The Kid's drink based buffs will now be temporary buffs imbued by the use of the drinks. He'll carry a bandolier worth of drinks with him with various effects. Some will be modified to be less game like, such as the boosting crit at low HP instead being something that powers him up due to his injuries. The exception is Squirt Cider, which instead gives him a fair deal more endurance than the standard human: Provided he continues to consume it regularly. He can carry 10 at a time.

Drink List (Renamed for Family Friendless.)

Hearty Punch: Revives him from the brink of complete defeat.
Bastion Burned Malt Shake: Heals Injuries. Replaces Healing Tonics from the game.
Lunkhead Soup: Makes the Shield reflect attacks back twice as hard as they were given.
Black Rye Malt Shake: Allows the use of secret skills. Replaces Black Tonics from the game.
Lifesoda: Will resist, if just barely, any attack that would out right defeat him while this is active.
Sparkling Pain Juice: (I break the pun, I am sad.) Boosts his strength and focus at the cost of his endurance.
Dreadsyrup: Boosts his strength as long as he takes no damage.
Fetching Fizzy Soda: Attracts metallic objects to him.
Were Root Beer: When heavily injured, boosts his strength and focus massively.
Falling Malt Shake: Removes damage from falling and causes him to land harder on whatever's in the way.
Doom-Soda: Hurts like hell on the gut, but Gives a slight increase in strength and focus.
Whale Grease: Goes well with Black Rye Malts. Boosts the effects of secret skills.
Mystery Green: Anything that touches the kid takes a nasty bit of hurt themselves, as long as they intend to hurt him.

His arsenal is all there, alongside having all the secret skills. He can use any he has the right weapons for. He can store as many weapons as he has places and weight to carry, though that doesn't mean he can drag all ten weapons out every time he goes to do the hero thing. Obviously the guns use plastic bullets against targets they'd be effective against, one advantage of modern times. But carries the real stuff just in case. Will likely carry 4 or 5 most, depending on heavy he's gearing.

For those not familiar with bastion, the Arsenal is:
Cael Hammer, often referred to as The Kid's Old friend and as another friend of his. Secret Skill: Whirlwind

Fang Repeater: Rapid fire crossbow made from bones of dead animals. Secret Skill: Whirlwind of Bolts.

Breaker Bow: Extremely high draw bow. Secret Skill: Bounce Shot.

War Machete: Fast sword and weighted for throwing. It regenerating after throw will be removed, but its light weight means he can carry a few. Secret Skill: A Thousand Cuts.

Scrap Musket: Blunderbuss. Reload after every shot, semi-effective at range. Secret Skill: Rapid Fire.
Dueling Pistols: Six-Shooters. Highly accurate after upgrades. Secret Skill: Disarming, armor piercing shot. (Game has not so Family friendly one, so modified.)

Brusher Pike: A telescoping pike that can be thrown. Secret Skill: Vault Smash

Army Carbine: A long range rifle. Requires some time to sight. Secret Skill: Armor Piercing Shot

Fire Bellows: Extremely short ranged flame thrower in the form of bellows.

Galleon Mortar: Shoots blue glowing balls at short to medium range, leaves an area of painful but not deadly fire in the area where they land. Secret Skill: One Man Barrage.

Calamity Cannon: Rocket Launcher with charge up time. Generates red-black orbs of energy. Secret Skill: Cluster Shot, explodes into bouncy, more orbs on contact which split into more...

Bullhead Shield: Protects against about anything, and can reflect any shot that is individual. Reflect requires timing and does not function on lasers, flames, or homing projectiles. Secret Skill: Mirror Shield, will reflect anything that hits the shield at any time. Functions for about 12 seconds.

Grenades and Trip Mines: Can carry about 3 of them in total. Will disarm any trip mines left unactivated at the end of an engagement. Don't want to endanger people.

Decoy: Secret Skill: Causes him to go invisible when laying down the decoy. Allows him to slip away or around. Invisibility lasts about 6 seconds.

Sample: Test Run: You'd think the Kid had seen everything. World destroyed, been offered a chance to use a time machine, and fought every living creature between Caeldonia and the Ura's deepest caverns. Of course he had never encountered Lagomorphs before, but that could be taken in stride. Seeing the creature that was physical impossible to fit into the slot within a vending machine was something else though. The Kid stopped and looked. I reckon it would have taken me a good while to come up with something to say in respond to that myself. Finally he spoke up.

"You need help?"

Notes: The Player will vary between narrating like Rucks (Lemony, first person, and to the point) and a standard lemony book narrator as necessary to communicate the point accurately. If the former bothers any mods, the player will stop it.


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